• Jennifer Cardenas

Ditching the Blow Dryer for Vacation

Photo Credit @jojocristina on insta

Is this a big no-no for the beach babe influencer or quite the opposite I hope is the later one as I sip a Vodka on the rock on Fort Lauderdale airport waiting for my flight to this beautiful small city call Manta off the Ecuadorian Coast.

Is it wishful thinking to expect that my rich chocolate brown locks and the salty beach water mix might make a miracle happen. A girl can dream, right? Anyways this whole dilemma started as I had to fit a millennial of presents on my 50-pound suitcase and this girl hates traveling with a lot of luggage nothing is more satisfying than packing light or for an entire wardrobe, hair and makeup team to appear magically. Where is your fairy godmother when you need her? The bottom line is that I didn't have room for any hair supplies, shampoo, conditioner, and hair tools. Stay tuned for any crazy hair snaps. Any tips for luscious hair without heat welcome. May the FORCE be with my hair or send a fairy godmother to the hair rescue.

XOXO Jenny.

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